Connecting Residents to Social Services at our Local Mobile Food Pantry

Neighbor by Neighbor primarily serves Harbor Country residents by linking them to social services. One would think that all social services are accessible to everyone, but as I was sharing with an individual today at the Mobile Food Pantry, it seems that social services aren’t often known to a person until that social service is actually needed. Unfortunately, at this point, it can be overwhelming to sort through the myriad of resources, options, phone numbers, etc.. This is often where I can come alongside an individual to provide helpful options of where to turn for help.  As a resource and referral specialist, I am often reaching out to the experts in certain areas to best serve clients. I am thankful for these many dedicated social service providers serving our area of Harbor Country. As I was volunteering at Project Connect (a one day, one-stop shopping for social services) last week in Niles, I learned that InterCare provides ACA enrollment assistance. At our Chikaming Mobile Food Pantry this week, I invited two ACA trained InterCare outreach workers to attend to share their services with those who came for food. In addition to these individuals, I also invited two outreach employees from Emergency Shelter Services to share their expertise and offerings on housing. I am confident that good connections were made between agency staff and residents, and I left feeling grateful for the commitment of these agencies to serve the south part of Berrien county.

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