New Beginnings

One of the most interesting parts of the work of Neighbor by Neighbor is how quickly I learn about the details of an individual’s life and current circumstances. I find it to be a privilege to know a person’s circumstances, especially when the person is at a vulnerable place of need. It requires the reciprocity of trust, careful listening, and honesty, values which are not always as prevalent as we desire them to be in our everyday lives in the world. Just yesterday I met an individual as I waited outside in the rain for a local food pantry to open its doors. It was the next day when she called me to explain the circumstances of her life. Just imagine how challenging it would be to sum up your current struggles to a stranger over the phone, and then ask that person for help. As I met this woman in person later that afternoon, she shared how she was about to have a new start. Her living situation was about to change in a few days, and she was feeling hopeful for the future. A new apartment, a new bed, reintroducing herself to all the belongings that have sat in storage, and now gas in her car. The sun shown brightly, and the day felt much differently than the morning before. Today was a day of hope, and new beginnings, and Neighbor by Neighbor was privileged to be a part of this woman’s story.

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