Christmas Celebration

Neighbor By Neighbor, with the help of several volunteers, had the opportunity to deliver Christmas food boxes to individuals in our community two days before Christmas. The boxes were nothing fancy, but included some of the essentials for cooking a nice holiday meal. I wanted to share a bit of feedback from the clients who received the boxes:

“Thank you, your organization and all of your volunteers for the food basket.  It was overwhelming.  I think even with my mother’s issues she was able to remember it.  When she goes to be with the Lord I will try to help when thing get back to “normal”.  God bless you all.”

Another client reported:

“Yummy! Thank you again!”

One pair of volunteers was surprised by the friendliness of one of the families, sharing that the family receiving the box offered to have the volunteers stay to visit. I was particularly happy to see one family, who has experienced much hardship in the past months, to be settled in a new home. The young children came running toward the door, looking excited about the packages that surrounded their tree. These types of experiences cause me to appreciate how the lines between wealth and poverty, and all the others we have drawn in between begin to blur and eventually fade as our lives intersect more and more. It was a true joy to participate in the celebration of Christmas by sharing with our neighbors and learning something new about their lives. Thank you for your support of the work of Neighbor By Neighbor!




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