Staying Warm this Winter

These past days have been cold! After being back in Michigan for the last two and one-half years, this year finally feels like the Michigan I once knew and loved: snow and more snow, and winter walks where my eyelashes begin to freeze. I’ve finally been welcomed home to a true Michigan winter. With these low temperatures and snowy conditions I become more cognizant of specific daily provisions: a working furnace, a well-insulated house, a reliable vehicle, and even the warmth and coziness of bed as I hear the wind at night and wonder about the cold on the other side. These thoughts lead me to others, with hopes and prayers that their needs are also met in the same way mine are.  Thankfully, we have wonderful social services and programs that responsibly administer the funds they are allocated. Funding for energy assistance was just made available to an agency called TrueNorth. These funds, which come through MEAP (Michigan Energy Assistance Program) funding, assist people with energy needs, and they are specifically made available during these cold winter months.  For those facing an energy crisis, TrueNorth funds can be applied for online at or by calling 231-355-5880. Heating assistance includes wood, electric, and gas as well as deliverable fuels. Funds are available for a limited time, and a decision is granted 10 days after the application has been submitted. Please share this information with your friends or neighbors who may need assistance to keep warm this winter.

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