Following the Blueprint

Earlier this week, I heard the words from Acts 4:32-37 in a new way. This passage in Acts describes the way in which some of Christ’s earliest believers shared among one another, leaving “no needy person among them”.  In these words we see the big picture of how the Christian community was working together and influencing the greater community by living one in heart and mind, sharing what they had, testifying to the resurrection of Jesus, allowing God’s grace to powerfully work in them all, leaving no needy person among them. For many of us, this might describe some of our ultimate dreams for the world: living in unity and in God’s grace and power, and being part of creating equal distribution of possessions and wealth among all. This passage also points to the individual’s contribution to achieving this end. We read of specific people selling property and land for the purpose of distributing wealth to those in need. These words couldn’t be more challenging or hopeful. They present a path to achieve our deep desire to restore justice while challenging our cultural values of independence and security in wealth. This passage reminds me of one of the greatest joys in my work with Neighbor by Neighbor: gathering like-minded individuals (as many as possible/needed from as many different circles of society) to serve and be together in community. It’s happening with a woman in our community who needed a new door. It was purchased by Neighbor by Neighbor, picked up by a local pastor, and will be installed by a friend. At the end of this month, others will be involved in supporting this individual in an additional way. In this way, Neighbor by Neighbor can follow the blueprint of these early Christians:  living in unity, sharing, and allowing God’s power and grace to change us through our personal sacrifice. My hope is that our individual contributions as well as our collective life of unity will, in some small way, bring about God’s Kingdom here on Earth. I recently heard God’s Kingdom described as being present in any place where God is King. May we continue to be both challenged and full of hope as we walk the path where Jesus is King.

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