Growing Something New


It feels as though we woke up to spring this past week. Daffodils, tulips, dandelions, weeping cherries all suddenly in bloom. After school yesterday, as my 6 year old son, head to the ground was collecting grape hyacinth with focused attention eventually looked up and said, “Wow! That’s amazing” as he pointed to the Magnolia tree in bloom at the edge of our property. Even as an adult, I find myself awestruck each year by such beauty that springs up from the Earth. While the physical beauty alone seems satisfying enough, God brings to mind a deeper spiritual truth and a simple metaphor of God’s work in the world. While the world, at times, appears dead, dormant and lifeless, God is always actively at work bringing forth new life.

I turned rocks over in my garden this morning while weeding and edging, and saw a picture of all the work that has been going on under the grassy surface: the paths of insects, fertile soil, and tangled roots.  It reminds me that God is never absent in our lives and situations. God is always at work on our behalf, putting everything together for the good of all creation.

Something new has grown out of the collective efforts of Three Oaks United Methodist Church, The Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry, and Meals on Wheels. On May 17, 5-7PM, the church will host a dinner called Open Kitchen for the communities within Harbor Country. Because there is no cost for this event, even those without financial means will have an opportunity to attend. As Neighbor by Neighbor has worked to meet some of the social service needs of those in our community, it has become apparent that many seeking services are living alone, and are oftentimes lacking social support. I’m thankful for the collective effort of these groups to respond to this need in such a practical way of providing food and social engagement. None of us grow well without the support of others. May we be pleasantly surprised and hopeful, like my son was when he saw the Magnolia in full bloom yesterday, at the work God is doing in our midst.


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